Acquisition Support

Agencies are witnessing continual program delays and large cost increases

Acquisition program costs are typically 26 percent over budget and development costs are typically 40 percent more than initial estimates. These programs routinely fail to deliver the capabilities when promised, experiencing, on average, a 21 month delay. The report finds that "optimistic assumptions about program requirements, technology, and design maturity play a large part in these failures, and that these optimistic assumptions are largely the result of a lack of disciplined analysis early in the program."

Gormat Acquisition Professionals have the experience required to negate these profound deficiencies.  Our team of experts have a special body of knowledge and experience that is not easily obtained.  Whether it be large scale acquisition, modernization, or program implementation Gormat is your acquisition partner of choice.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • prepare acquisition strategies consistent with acquisition regulations and policies
  • create methods to implement long term and annual performance measures, in direct support of corporate goals and objectives
  • formulate acquisition requirements documents, program plans, risk management plans, decision papers, and all other documentation needed to effectively manage an acquisition program
  • prepare Acquisition Program Baselines and Statements of Work/Objectives.
  • conduct analysis and evaluation of operational and technical alternatives (Analysis of Alternative , Independent Market Survey Analysis)
  • analyze current Program/Project development and management processes and products, collect and report performance metrics, and recommend improvements
  • create executable schedules and support approved program planning documents and the funding baseline