System Engineering

System Engineering

Providing a structured but flexible process that transforms requirements into specifications, architectures, and configuration baselines

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Requirements cannot be observed or asked for from the users, but have to be created together with all the stakeholders

Gormat’s systems engineers integrate all engineering disciplines into an efficient, streamlined process. This smoothly takes the project from concept to production to operation, meeting all the business and technical goals of the project. Our professionals work closely with program managers to ensure the requirements of all relevant stakeholders are met in a balanced way in the realized system solution.  We ensure that risks have been properly handled and all of the necessary life-cycle considerations have been taken into account.  This is accomplished by

  • evaluating operational systems to determine effectiveness of procedures and recommend improvements where applicable
  • developing and updating systems documentation (e.g., ConOps, Operating procedures, systems architecture documents)
  • analyzing functional requirements and design specifications for functional activities
  • providing a total systems, data, and architecture perspective, including a technical understanding of relationships, dependencies, requirements of infrastructure, software components, data, integrations, tools, and methodologies
  • researching current systems technologies and serve as subject matter expert on complex systems processes and procedures


  • analyzing business and software design requirements and user acceptance criteria to determine appropriate overall quality assurance activities. Develop and test plans to address unit, functional, system, integration, regression, and user acceptance testing
  • collaborating with project managers, software designers and developers, testers, and staff to analyze historical program data to define and develop testing scenarios to assure adequate test coverage and defined quality standards
  • estimating resource requirements and coordinate test plans with project managers, testers, and customers to ensure work is consistent with development and deployment schedule
  • determining and executing the appropriate tests and regression tests required for a product release. Documenting defects with detailed description emphasizing the point of failure, steps to reproduce the error and providing screenshots where necessary
  • providing technical analysis of test execution and assign quality assurance tasks and testing, review status reports, test results and quality of work



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