Program Management

Program Management

Managing Stakeholder Expectations

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Executing programs well takes planning, leadership and collaboration

Without a scientific approach to the task of managing the projects and achieving objectives, it would be very difficult for organizations to successfully execute the projects.  This is especially true when Managers face what is known as the “triple constraint”.  This is the competing demands of time, scope and quality upon the project manager’s list of things to do.  How well the project manager manages these constraints goes a long way in determining the success of the project.

Gormat’s DAWIA Level III Program Managers are adept in managing the triple constraint by enabling its customers to coordinate and prioritize resources across projects, managing links between the projects and the overall costs and risks of the program.  With Gormat as your partner we’ll help you maximize the value and impact from your project investments, provide you with confidence in delivery of strategy and benefits within financial, resource and schedule constraints.  Additionally, our team of technical, financial, contract and administrative professionals help maximize investment decisions, balance risks and address corporate constraints.  Other attributes include:

  • advanced knowledge of Federal and DoD requirements, program planning, acquisition, and program management processes
  • anticipate risks and prepare for contingencies early and often throughout the program’s life cycle
  • build and execute project plans and lead diverse teams in managing stakeholder expectations
  • document, analyze, negotiate & refine program strategy
  • deliver solutions through customizations and tailored approaches
  • quickly grasp technology concepts and translate their value to customers
  • flexibility to quickly adapt to changing business environment and priorities



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