Software Engineering

“The necessity of selecting and following a formal process for software development is to… avoid wastage of time, money, demoralization in developers, etc.” – Harisha K R

Discipline is the best tool. Design first, then code. Don't patch bugs out, rewrite them out. Don't test bugs out, design them out.

Gormat Software Engineers are adept in tackling our customer's challenging problems; producing consistent results with our proven and innovative approaches.  As the need to develop systems that operate faster, better and cheaper continue it is our mission to stay abreast of the latest technology trends, libraries and software best practices. We then apply them accordingly in order to optimize system development in terms of reliability, availability, and maintainability.  Our software engineers also

  • conduct multidisciplinary research and collaborate with equipment designers and/or hardware engineers in the planning, design, and development life cycle phases
  • operate in dynamic, collaborative SCRUM environment to flesh out and implement the best solutions
  • analyze system capabilities to resolve problems on program intent, output requirements, input data acquisition, programming techniques and controls
  • develop Used Cases, define system architecture and external dependencies
  • identify project risks, promulgate project schedules, create product mock-ups used to visualize customer requirements
  • conduct integration and testing throughout the development life cycle
  • develop system Standard Operating Procedures, Training Manuals and System Security Plans