Cyber Security

"Many executives are defining cyber as the risk that will define our generation." Dennis Chesley, Global Risk Consulting Leader

Protecting Your Biggest Capital Investment - Your Network & Data

The Global Risks 2015 report, published in January by the World Economic Forum (WEF), included this rather stark warning: “90 percent of companies worldwide recognize they are insufficiently prepared to protect themselves against cyber attacks.”

Cyber crime costs the global economy over $400 billion per year, according to estimates by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. In 2013, some 3,000 companies in the United States had their systems compromised by criminals, the Center reports.

Gormat's cybersecurity efforts are not conducted in a vacuum.  We take obvious pride in collaborating and exploring partnerships with other computer security companies, law enforcement and technical experts to help develop the best ways to bolster our cyber security practices.

In addition to obtaining well-hardened networks and hosts required to safeguard your biggest assets we help determine the threats posed by adversarial systems, activities or operations.  This includes, but not limited to,

  • providing cyber risk and threat identification by proactively and continuously monitoring the internal and external landscape for relevant events, risks and threats related to malicious code, vulnerabilities and attacks
  • providing enterprise risk and threat communication efforts regarding potential threats and remediation efforts - including the ability to provide effective analysis and actionable intelligence based on relevant security events
  • designing, developing, implementing and updating exploitation and protection methods
  • evaluating  operating systems, network configurations, network architectures and topologies for potential technical and operational vulnerabilities based off of threat intelligence
  • monitor, analyze, and resolve security incidents